Undelete your lost images using Tiff Photo Recovery Software

The user is left with a terrifying situation if all his stored pictures are deleted from the memory. It is suggested to use Tiff Photo Recovery Software as it is considered as the most powerful way to recover your picture even if no backup is available. The deleted TIFF recovery process of the software helps in getting back all lost pictures. You can easily recover all your lost or deleted photos within a fraction of seconds.

Generally deletion occurs in your digital cameras because of the following reasons:

  • When the same storage media is used in different devices.
  • Using the camera in spite of low battery
  • When the memory card is formatted
  • When corruption or damage occurs to the media
  • When the memory card is pulled out during reading and writing process

The deleted Tiff Photo Recovery process of the software helps in regaining the deleted pictures. The following steps are to be performed to recover the lost photographs:

  • Connect the memory card of your digital camera to your system using a card reader
  • Double click the card that appears on the left panel of the software
  • Click on the photo recovery icon and select the file types that are to be recovered
  • The scanning process starts as you click on ok
  • After the scanning process is completed a list of folders that indicates the file format appears on the left pane
  • The files that need to be recovered select them and provide a destination for the storage of the recovered files

You must have the TIFF photo recovery software installed in your computer to perform the steps mentioned above. The software recovers your pictures safely and quickly. It is one of the most widely accepted software. Go and get the software to relive the memorable moments of your life that you never want to lose again.