Fixing XD/SD card error using TIFF recovery software

Most of the people uses digital camera because they provide instant and good quality pictures. Today XD or SD cards are considered as one of most popular memory card because they can store large amount of photos in it. These cards are mainly used in cell phones and camera. The cameras should be used safely and carefully so that it does not affect the card inside it. The memory cards are delicate enough so they must be handled carefully. While using them you should take care of the following things:

  • It should not be made in contact to fire and water
  • They must be used in the cameras compatible to them
  • They should be properly inserted in the card slot of camera

The problem to store images or music’s in the memory card occurs when your card gets corrupted. The deleted photos can be recovered in many ways

The most common problem in XD/SD card is the card error. The following error messages are displayed:

  • Card not initialized error message
  • Read/write error message

The basic reason of the error is the corruption of the file system of the card. The situation becomes more complex when pictures are being taken even after the card showing such an error message. By doing so the previously stored data gets overwritten and you loss the photos forever

The photos get deleted from the memory card because of the following reason:

  • Using the same storage media in different devices
  • Formatting the memory card
  • Memory card is pulled out of the device without proper ejection.

The solution of TIFF recovery from SD card is given below:

  • Firstly don’t click photos any further if such an error message is displayed.
  • Firstly don’t click photos any further if such an error message is displayed.
  • Connect the memory card to the computer using a card reader
  • Use TIFF recovery software to scan your memory card
  • The retrieved images are stored in a user specified location

The software provides previews of the photos to be recovered so that the user can select the photos that are to be recovered. Apart from TIFF File Format it also supports all other type of file format. The Tiff recovery from XD card becomes easy by using TIFF recovery software. Download the software and get rid of all the problems related to the memory card of your digital camera.