User Guide: How to Use Software

How to do TIFF Recovery on Windows PC?

    Step 1- Download TIFF Recovery Tool first of all and this is followed by its installation. Once the installation work is complete, the program is to be initiated from the program icon. The window that then opens up has the select option which is to be used for fixing or restoring corrupt and deleted Tiff files respectively.

    Step 2 – You will also find + button by the side which can be used to add more files for repair at a time.

    Step 3- From ‘open file’ dialog select and specify the file to be fixed.

    Step 4 – The – button is there for deselecting the file that is not to be repaired.

    Step 5 – The list of files selected for fixing and recover is shown in the left pane.

    Step 6 – The program supports bulk fix too as such you can specify as many number of files that is to be fixed.

    Step 7 – After that click the start button and the recovery process then gets started by scanning the specified drive or file to restore data after fixing.

    Step 8 – You can follow the process as many times for as many as files to be fixed.

    Step 9- Once the process is completed a message is generated by the application, after which it is possible to load and view the .tiff files properly.